Muzica mea

Severina – Lola

adica in English…:)) ambigua pe alocuri, dar na… cum nu stim croata va trebui sa ne multimum cu asta:))

I told him I love him
my heart bleeds
And he told me how to pray
When you have no heart

And I, I
yet all I
I believe in all
and I, and I
still swallow everything
love is a nasty habit

Lola will no longer love the pain
Lola has no more hearts
the whole town knows it
will no longer Lola dance ‘half naked
boys do not cry for me
do not cry for them I

I told him I love him
I’ll die for him
And he told me how to pray
I would like to see


You go a little left
however, you go a little right
out of the car for you every play
ban you from the darkness
So they want to finjak
That does not affect the

Fabricated small
however, anti-drug drug
You are still in the blood
because nothing else
I do not work


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