Cars and fashion – so different but so alike

This piece goes out to all the machos who think that cars have nothing to do with fashion. Yes, you, the ones who hate going out shopping with their girlfriends but check out the MINI and BMW dealership every time they pass it by. Trust me, there is more to it than meets the eye…

You don`t buy a car every day but when you do you`re worse than a woman with mad shopping skills and a new credit card. Women rarely think about modifying a dress, but we males always know what improvements to bring to our new cars, even though the interior still smells like factory. Oh, and we are as mad as they are in the dressing room when we visit the showroom. They try on six or seven pieces before making up their minds and we do the same with rims, exhaust tips, lights or interior materials. So, see it now? Cars and dresses are so alike… you try on several models before finding the right one and you constantly think of ways to improving them through accesories.

Karolina Kurkova - Spokesperson for the new CLS

The right shoes are so important when it comes to accessories. A ball gown will never work with roman sandals and neither will a Q7 without the big ass 19 inch rims. You have the no name shoes that go on for 19.99 at the local store and you have the stock rims that come standard with your new SUV. Why in God`s name do you think women save money and buy Blahnik? For the same reason you get your BMW with the M Sport rims… They are much more beautiful and everyone will admire them: “I can`t believe it, girl! You got this season`s Manolos! You bitch!!”… “Dooog, are those the new M Technik rims you got on there… get outta here!” … Isn’t it all about the shoes??

And the similarities don`t stop here. When your girlfriend buys a dress what is the next thing on her mind once she gets rid of the designer? Well, materials… When you buy a new car you seek out the finest leather possible and the nicest trim for the interior. Still not impressed, huh? Here`s another thing that will get your mind off that beer.

September is the new January in both fashion`s and automotive industry`s calendar. The most important issue of American Vogue comes to press and Paris or Frankfurt host the biggest European Automotive Events of the year. But there is only one place where both of today`s topics meet and blend. Mercedes Benz + Fashion Week = Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This event gathers all of New York`s finest women in a celebration of cars and fashion in the first days of September. Talking about coincidence.

So, still think that cars have nothing to do with fashion? Oh, just seen Victoria Beckham on TV, she`s the new creative director over at Range Rover. So, how about that answer. Here is a last penny for your thought. Why do women wear 13 centimeter heels? For the same reason we buy Infiniti instead of Audi. Because they stand out from the crowd.



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