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Always use protection

Ever since our first toys or our first car us, men, have been taught to take good care of our precious belongings. With toys it was no smashing, with sex it was the condom and with cars… car covers, wax, parking spaces, bad neighborhoods and expensive paint options. And as we grew up we discovered that everything needed protecting, not just the toys, but everything, our house, our dog, our phone. That`s how the sleeves came up and not so far from that moment we became totally dependent on them.

I have over twelve sleeves in my life. My laptop, my 300 dollar shoes, my mattress, my suits, each of them owns its own sleeve. It figures for the suits and shoes, but the car. I don`t get the car. I think the guy who invented the car cover had a lot of time on his hands. I mean, you have to unfold it, to get it over the car, to secure it, that`s gotta be at least half an hour of your precious life, every day. The oldest and best sleeve of them all, the condom, is said to have been used for the first time in ancient Asia, but it was the Italians who first documented the use of such a thing. It was in a treatise on syphilis written by Gabriele Falloppio. He described linen sheaths soaked in a chemical solution held together by a ribbon.

Well time has passed us by and now the condom covers much more ground but we still rely on sleeves for almost anything. My mom used to sit in our kitchen and hand make soft plastic sleeves for all of my books so I wouldn`t rivel them in my backpack. This raises another question: Why do we rely on these sleeves? Well when it comes to condoms we all know what it is all about, but what`s the thing with the phone? Yes it won`t get scratched inside you bag or brief case, but, come on, the cell phone is the new biological extension of our arm. We spend more time talking on the phone than washing the dishes. Taking this into consideration we are more likely to damage our phone while talking and not while moving it around. Oh, and how are you going to hear it ring from inside one of those fluffy pumped up sleeves?

Sleeves are good for protecting your laptop or iPad. You can`t move your minicomputer around like a cell phone and when you do you have to make sure it can`t be harmed in any way by your other belongings housed in your purse or case. There are smart sleeves made out of rainproof materials or even ones that can withstand heat or friction with rough surfaces. Well, that`s one hell of a sleeve. We also use sleeves to protect documents or important books, we use sleeves to hold our personal documents, such as the passport and tickets when we fly. There are sleeves that keep food fresh. Products like sliced cheese, salami or even tomatoes are kept in good condition thanks to these accessories. So, it is safe to say that sleeves actually contain our life, they protect the things that we need the most.

So, even though I don`t get all the sleeves I can still admit their importance when it comes to protecting vital information or things that I might misplace. I like the fact that the offer is so diverse that you can match your sleeves to the things that need protecting or even to your clothes or ambiance.



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